Office Party

During this virtual party, you will meet the most typical characters of every company - the traveler, the foodie, the sporty... Each one will present you with a fun challenge that you will have to solve together with your teammates. At the end of each challenge, you will have the opportunity to vote for the colleague who resembles most of the character you just met. To conclude the party, we'll host an Oscar-style awards ceremony.

A game with a leisure focus that puts participants to the test with simple and fun challenges. Ideal for relaxed and informal events or celebrations.

90 min
5-500 ppl
  • Technology: Video call software + Web
  • Presentation: Facilitated by our Game Masters
  • Availability: 24/7
  • Book in advance: One week (at least)


Teams of 6-8 ppl compete to solve a virtual escape room getting the highest score possible. Participants communicate with each other via video call while they play in the web-based game platform.

First, our game master will meet the whole group in the general video call to present the activity. After a detailed explanation, participants will split into teams and the game will start. At the end of the game, everybody will go back to the general call to do the closure of the activity.


  • List of participants (names) divided into teams
  • Server test
  • Video call creation in your video call software (optional)

Player requirements:

  • PC laptop or tablet
  • Access to video call software (Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet...)
  • Access to internet browser (preferably Google Chrome)


  • Event host and live support during the game
  • Help system with Clues and Support Chat
  • Access to the web
  • based game platform
  • Customization of the game platform with the client's corporate image
  • Zoom link for up to 100 ppl (optional)

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